National Executive Committee:

It is also called as Executive Committee. The President of the Society shall be the President of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall be in charge of the overall running of the Society and perform all functions required for the purpose, subject to the overall supervision of the General Body. It shall meet as often as found necessary and at least once every six months.

Core Committee:

It is also called as Core Group. It shall constitute the President, Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer, Joint Secretaries of the Executive Committee and active volunteer Members residing in Hyderabad. The Core Group shall meet as often as necessary but at least once in a fortnight. It shall be responsible for day-to-day running of the Society and perform all functions required for the purpose subject to overall supervision of the Executive Committee. The Core Committee will also take decisions on all financial matters that are beyond the routine/recurring expenditure authorised to be incurred by the General Secretary/Treasurer.

Zonal/ State Executive Committee:

The State Executive Committee will work under the guidance and supervision of the National Executive Committee and will prepare a vision and a road-map for TSEWA in the Zone/ State, within the framework of TSEWA Aims & Objects. The State Committee will assume complete responsibility for TSEWA growth in the Zone/ State. The Executive Committee will meet minimum once in two weeks or as frequently as required.

Charity Committee:

TSEWA Charity Committee is there to carry out Charity on behalf of TSEWA. It is responsible for the following:-

(a) To receive applications of charity recommended by TSEWA Zonal/ State Presidents, etc., and scrutinize for correctness and genuineness.

(b) Verify the genuine condition of the beneficiary to the entire satisfaction of the committee.

(c) Sanction charity grants upto Rs 25,000/-

(d) To maintain record of charity work carried out and amount spent for the purpose.

Check List for recommending cases for charity from TSEWA